Collection: DiveR Fins - Designed by SDF Australia

DiveR x SDF Fins


We often hear the question, "What makes DiveR fins special?"


Firstly, our materials are nothing short of extraordinary. We've partnered exclusively with Textreme, a renowned producer of platinum-grade carbon used in cutting-edge applications like F1 race cars and high-performance aircraft. These lightweight and durable materials ensure that DiveR fins outlast and outperform others on the market. With proper maintenance, a pair of DiveR blades can accompany you for an incredible 6-12 years!


But it doesn't stop there. Our fins boast a mesmerising fusion of art and functionality. DiveR takes pride in offering the most unique and exclusive fin designs available. Through our meticulously crafted process of material infusion and layering, we bring stunning imagery to life on every pair of fins we produce. When you dive with DiveR, you're not just experiencing exceptional performance but also expressing your individuality.


Lastly, every DiveR blade is meticulously handmade right here in Australia. Our skilled craftsmen pour their passion and expertise into every fin they create. This attention to detail ensures that each DiveR fin delivers unmatched quality and precision, allowing you to dive with confidence and pride.


Choose DiveR for an unparalleled diving experience. Feel the difference, embrace the artistry, and dive into the extraordinary.


Composite: slightly heavier, less flexible than carbon, but extreme endurance and durability.


Carbon fibre: extremely light weight whilst enhancing diving propulsion and performance for superior speed and velocity