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Big Game Abalone Skirt

Big Game Abalone Skirt

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Introducing the Ultimate Game skirt: Abalone Shells from sourced from Around the World.

Are you ready to reel in the big ones? Look no further! Our game lures feature real abalone shells sourced from around the globe, carefully crafted to entice the most elusive predators in the ocean - Marlin, Tuna, and other pelagics

The iridescent, shimmering beauty of abalone shells is renowned for its irresistible allure to these apex predators. Our lures showcase the most vibrant, high-quality abalone shells, precision-crafted to mimic the tantalizing flash of a fleeing baitfish.


Durable and Long-Lasting


Built to withstand the fury of even the largest catches, our lures are constructed with robust materials and expertly finished to ensure a long lifespan. Whether you're targeting Marlin, Tuna, or Pelagic, our Abalone Shell Lures are designed to perform consistently, troll after troll


Global Selection


Our abalone shells are sourced from the world's most renowned fishing hotspots, including:


- California, USA

- New Zealand

- Australia

- Japan

- Mexico


Each shell is carefully selected for its unique coloration and pattern, ensuring a diverse range of lures to suit any fishing condition.


Get Ready to Land the Catch of a Lifetime!


Experience the thrill of reeling in a monster Marlin, Tuna, or Pelagic with our Abalone clear resin Shell Lures. Order now and discover why these lures are the go-to choice for serious anglers worldwide!

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