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SDF Torpedo Spearfishing Float

SDF Torpedo Spearfishing Float

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SDF Torpedo Spearfishing Float 

SDF Torpedo Spearfishing Float (with Float Line, Speed Needle, Dive Flag)

The SDF Torpedo Spearfishing Float has been designed with scouting the coastline in mind. The float weighs less than a snorkel, and yet it provides 18 litres of capacity at 12-15PSI. That means it packs a punch way above its weight class!

This float can be deflated and rolled up to fit in a cray bag, foot pocket or even the hood of your wetsuit on long rock hops. When you get to your spot, you can quickly and easily blow it up through the oral inflator to upwards of 12 PSI. The floatline that’s included attaches straight to your guns handle or your pole spears butt. 




Made from tough and durable 210 denier nylon TPU coated material, it’s puncture and abrasion resistant against rocks, coral reef, barnacles and oyster beds. 


High Viz Colours: 

The high viz SDF float, with included dive flag, is great to signal to others that you are in the area. The added benefits of being able to carry your fish on your float and the fact that if you drop your gun intentionally or accidentally, it can always be found again make the SDF float a must for any beginner.


Extra Features: 


The SDF float has two elastic loops for the attachment of a Speargun, flares, or cray gauge etc. The stainless-steel D-ring upfront is uséd to attach the included float line and a fish stringer. At the same time, the two handles on the side are great for catching your breath or to just hold onto while you relax on the surface.


SDF Torpedo Features 

The SDF DIVE float has a user-friendly oral inflator valve, which is secured on top of the float under a central nylon section. It can be easily inflated and deflated before or after use and conveniently packed away.

Durable, heavy-duty webbing handles on the sides and rear of the float, allowing the spearo to hold on to the float when catching fish. 

Has four built-in nylon D-rings for multiple attachments.

Has one heavy-duty, marine-grade, stainless steel ring, at the front of the float, for attaching float line and gun to ensure optimum strength.

The SDF dive float also has two elastic loops on either side of the float for a torch, fluorescent light sticks, marine flares or other accessories.

18L air capacity at 12-15PSI.

Tear strength of over 150kgs.

The underside of the SDF float has a weight pouch with a double velcro seal for a 500g weight to ensure the flag remains upright.

The flag base is secured using heavy-duty stitching and welded seams.

What’s included with my SDF dive float?

When you order a SDF torpedo float from you can expect the following items to be included in your purchase;


A removable flag on the rear of the float, 


7.2m braided float rope with an attached speed needle that attaches to your speargun.  

Why you need a dive float

A float is the most important thing needed by a diver or spearo. 


Afloat ensures:


Floats make sure you are seen by other boats and divers, helping to avoid accidents. 

Using the float allows the captain aboard your own boat knows where you are at all times and can watch over your dive. 

That you do not lose your fish or your gun as your gun is attached to your float. Letting go of your gun, therefore, is not a problem. 

It gives you have something to hold on to and rest upon if you are fatigued from swimming.

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